Join CC Forum Monaco July 6-9 Dedicated to Sustainable Investment

Mingle with some of the world’s most elite investors sharing a mission to create a more sustainable future. The 6th edition of the CC Forum on “Global Investment in Sustainable Development” takes place July 6-9 in Monaco, Cannes and Cap Ferrat with the goal of “exploring the prospects, challenges and business opportunities as the world is recovering from the pandemic.”

The CC Forum is 100% dedicated to investment in sustainability and brings together some of the brightest minds, business leaders, policy makers and public figures to collectively look for solutions to climate change, fossil-fuel-based economies, overpopulation and poverty.

In accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations, its topics center around investing in Environment, Renewable Energies, Emerging Technologies, Healthcare, Education, Social Inclusion and Philanthropy.

The forum will run over three days with panel discussions from climate change and impact investment to renewable energy and waste management. “We, at the CC Forum firmly believe that it is only via public discussions, debates and brainstorming that some of the most complex issues society is facing today can be resolved. It is where iron sharpens iron,” says Max Studennikoff, CC Forum’s founder and executive director.

He adds, “CC Forum is considered a place where the world’s most formidable thought leaders are granted a unique opportunity to express their very opinions—even when they are highly controversial, and even when they are the polar opposites to what have become standard norms.”

“We, at the CC Forum “Investment in Sustainable Development” firmly believe that it is only via public discussions, debates and brainstorming that some of the most complex issues society is facing today can be resolved.” says Max Studennikoff, CC Forum’s founder and executive director.

Jason Cooner, Founder & CEO of SDG Exchange will deliver a keynote on “How the Paris Agreement Will Create a New $100 Billion Sustainability Market” and Christian Moore, Founder & Managing Partner of Global Environment Media, will discuss “Bringing Positivity to Sustainable Investment through Environmental Media”.

Tim Draper, founder of Draper Associates will present “Trust and Freedom in the Future Decentralised World” while a keynote “Turning CO2 into Stone” will be delivered by Kristinn Ingi Larusson, CFO of Carbfix. Dmitry Reykhart, Founder and Chairman of Ruthenium Global Pharma Fund, will talk about “New Investment in Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology.”

HSH Prince Michael of Liechtenstein will host a “Fireside Chat: Life after Covid: Reimagining the World Economy“, and famous author Gunter Pauli will discuss his latest book “Plastic Solutions, while Nobel Prize Winner in Economics Mohammed Yunus will give a keynote on “Sustainable Finance”. 

Speakers will also include Michael Flatley, Founder Lord of the Dance; Laurent Tapie, Re-founder & CEO of Delage; Jean Bernard, Present of Global Business Owners President for France Bentley Club Monaco; Luiz F Costa Macambira, Owner and Editor of Forbes Monaco; and Antonio Barani, CEO Ankorgaz.

A workshop “Monaco as a Global Financial Hub: The Business Opportunities” will feature Michel Bouquier President, Monaco Private Label; Hervé ORDIONI, CEO Bank Edmond de Rothschild; Justin HIGHMAN, Deputy CEO Monaco Economic Board; Joel Bouzou OLY, President and Founder, Peace and Sport; John Cummins, Founder Creative Human Evolution and be moderated by GIUSEPPE AMBROSIO FCA SVG HON CONSUL IN MONACO.

The three-day forum will include a wide range of networking events including a plenary session, an exhibition, Sustainability Tycoons Session (similar to Shark Tank), business speed dating, a Bentley picnic excursion, yacht parties and black-tie red carpet investors Gala Dinner and awards at the iconic Villa et Jadins Ephrussi de Rothschild.

The Bentley picnic will be a coastal parade in Bentley cars driven by members of Bentley Club Monaco with a picnic on the premises of an exclusive private property off Cannes. (The picnic is by invitation only, please inquire at CC Forum Monaco for details)

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